In an exercise to rehire ourselves, we undertook to build our new website - Ourselves. After more hard work than we initially expected (As is to be expected), we are excited to announce the launch of our new Cartel House website. So for everything from coworking and physical training to eating and staying the night, head over to

Have you started planning your year end function yet? Now is the perfect time of year to start planning. Here are some pointers to make sure your year end function is a memorable one.

On Wednesday, 22 June 2016, The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Dr Wiese in front of an audience at the IC Auditorium.

A few weeks ago we interviewed Friedl Basson, founder of Dando Coffee and the driver of the Dando Ambassadors charity campaign. However, a campaign cannot rest on the shoulders of one person alone and this one is no different. We wanted to know more.

The law industry is perceived in a certain way by many. Rigid characters wearing black, bereft of creativity. Grudge payments and necessary evils. No longer.

Some time ago, my father told me that being rich and being wealthy is not the same thing. It hadn’t occurred to my (then) pubescent mind that a disparity exists between the two.

You’ve heard it all before. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Going above and beyond to give back. To make a difference.

Ronald Reagan made many well-documented observations during his career. Here is one of the more poignant ones: “Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.”

Sometimes, the air gets stale. Sometimes, we need to look beyond the established order to find what we seek. Sometimes, a change in approach is required.

Nights are for dreaming. Days are for doing. Life is for living.

We all experience the urge to be charitable.

That’s difficult to answer. That said, we’d argue that it has to be a space where you discover your true training purpose.

Cape Town experiences rather strong wind. It is fitting that the Mother City is where the winds of change blow strongest, then. The Inner City Ideas Cartel is beginning to make a bit of a name for itself.

Wearing a bespoke suit is not about looking wealthy. It’s not about impressing people. And it certainly isn’t about ego.

It’s easy. Look wealthy. Impress people. Stroke the ego. There can’t be much more to it than that.

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