Coffee is the most widely consumed beverage worldwide, bar water. The industry is one of the most competitive around the globe. For most people, a successful day cannot be achieved without a quality cup to kick-start it.

What does it take to run a business at the raw age of 23? We caught up with David Gilmour, Managing Director of bespoke tailoring company Lock Stock & Barrel to find out.

They put themselves on the line for employers and colleagues. They are the screws that keep the door on the wall. The wheels that keep the machine moving.

Friedl Basson founded DANDO Coffee (PTY) Ltd on a set of intentions far removed from those traditionally adopted. DANDO™ was started to make money, but what intrigues us is where it goes.

That is the secret to success, says Nina van Deventer, founder of NVD Property & Project Management. We caught up with Nina to unpack the individual qualities that distinguish her as an independent businesswoman.

Congratulations to the three most dedicated men we know. We are proud to call you our business partners.

And how does it differ from Inner City Ideas Cartel?

Ideas Cartel ii has arrived on the corner of Wale and Loop Street. Cape Town’s finest, bespoke, scalable office spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers and freethinkers.

To celebrate our second year and the recent partnership with Freelance Cape Town we're launching the Fighting for Freelancers Membership powered by Freelance Cape Town. If you sign up to FCT and take a Freelance Membership at IC | IC ii and we don't get you work - You don't pay for the next month's rent.

Unless it's the New York Times, A blog with quantifiable clicks per month or a very well known person working for a charity - please never believe that anyone asking for your service in exchange for exposure is ever really capable of delivering on their side of the bargain.

We caught up with Marius Vosloo, the Founder of Freelance Cape Town, to find out what he learnt in 2015 and how those lessons can help make 2016 special.

Darragh is one of our global members, frequenctly abroad, but when in Cape Town calls the IC | IC home.

The newest members to take office space at the Ideas Cartel are Kirsty and Jonathan from Source Food – A creative food agency focusing high profile events and experiences.

We started the Inner City Ideas Cartel to provide five star workspace to small companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs and travellers. Since then we have grown into a social community, a premium event venue and provided a platform for new business ventures within our network.

“We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination”.- Nelson Mandela

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