Meet IC | IC coworking member Katrien Slee. Katrien helps develop world-class digital products. With an appreciation for coworking and an office space community, she chooses to set up office as the Brand Manager for web design start up KINGLY in the rooftop Clubhouse at the Inner City Ideas Cartel.

Mahalia & Antoine are known as the resident “Frenchies” in the Ideas Cartel Cape Town office. They came to South Africa on a mission to develop their company’s reach into Africa.

Meet IC | IC private member and the founding force behind Kinfundi, Dakin Parker. Dakin is a Chartered Accountant (SA) with a Masters degree in Organisational Development and Management, which he completed at the University of California, along with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. Dakin has chosen to conduct his business from one of our premium private office suites. We are proud to have him call the IC | IC his entrepreneurial home.

“I may not know what I’ll do next, but I do know who I am as a person. And that makes everything I choose worthwhile.”

A friend recently said that if your ideas aren't having sex, they’re just masturbating... This is the line coworking member Greg Solik overheard one day and inspired him to write about the future of work. We know that in order to provide a shared office space that does more than just collect a lease at the end of the month, we have to helping our members meet and .interact. Hopefully some of their ideas may just go to bed together.

​In our relentless pursuit to provide coworking and shared office space that works, we make sure we rub shoulders with all our members to find out about what they do and tell you all about it. Latest IC | IC coworking member to make the cut Lauren Wallet has recently moved to Cape Town from the land of Flip flops, boardies and the table topping Sharks.

Meet IC | IC semi private member Alana Witte, Virginia girl living in Cape Town. Huge proponent of the semicolon; lover of inky pens. Channeling Carmen Sandiego more often than not...

You're a dream-waster. You, the individual reading this instead of getting on with what your life expects of you. In some way we all are, but especially those who cling to their day jobs like a drunk to a bottle of spirits.

The world is a vicious place. Dreams are dangerous; they have the potential to induce frustration, depression, anger, and general bad manners. For the majority of you sitting at your desk, reading this, or hap hazardously glancing at your iDevice whilst alternating between your coffee, aforementioned iDevice and the steering wheel - Stop.

Because I was never going to be a rocket scientist. People often ask why I chose to be a writer. But it wasn’t like that.

​In our never-ending hunt to lock down the formulae to happiness in the office, we make sure we rub shoulders with those who exemplify what the IC | IC stands for. Yes we provide scalable office space to rent in Cape Town, but we are a whole lot more than that, because our members are.

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